Camp Out Info

Next Campout Date & Time: Saturday, October 15, 2016 at Washington Crossing State Park.


NOTE: Please note that the campout is for Scout and Adult only, because of insurance, siblings who are not a Pack 43 Cub Scout cannot attend. Scouts must sleep in a tent with their Adult only.

What to expect

This is suburban camping at its finest. While we will be in the woods, we are not really hiking in / out. We have even had portable toilets delivered to the site to prevent the need for any late night hikes into the woods!

What to bring

While each person has their own list of what they like to bring, below are some hints that we have found useful:
  • Tent or tarp, poles, and stakes 
  • Waterproof ground cloth or plastic sheet 
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress or sleeping pad 
  • Clothes
    • Uniforms are not be required for cub scouts on camp outs but they should feel free to wear them.
    • Dress appropriate for the temperature and weather. Remember daytime and nighttime clothes, it may get cold! Layers! 
  • Shoes and back up shoes in case they get wet (and multiple socks) 
  • Lawn chair for adult 
  • Snacks for Saturday afternoon and bottled water (remember to have lunch before you come) 
  • Toiletries (if you want to brush your teeth) 
  • Flashlight 
  • Lantern (please note, battery only) 
  • Insect repellent 
  • First aid kit 
  • Rain gear if appropriate 
  • Many people also bring “glow sticks” for the Scout to play with at the camp fire
  • Fishing pole and tackle (if campsite has fishing area, we'll provide the bait). Remember, anyone over 16 who want to fish need fishing licenses. Scouts don't.
  • Handwipes
  • Water bottle or drinking cup

The Pack will provide:

  • Cooking equipment 
  • Food (hot dog dinner on Saturday, smores for camp-fire, and muffin breakfast on Sunday). 
  • Utensils and napkins 
  • Firewood if needed

Some miscellaneous notes:

  • Remember, according to Boy Scout requirements, no youth is permitted to sleep in the tent of an adult other than his own parent or guardian. 
  • While it is suburban camping, we still want to prevent attracting wild animals so we ask that food be put in cars before lights out. All trash must be taken with us.
  • We normally have food that includes meat, kosher and vegetarian options. If your Scout has specific food requirements not covered by these options please let us know. 
  • If you have a specific talent or desire, please drop me an email! For instance, do you tell ghost stories, have a telescope and can help the Scouts star gaze, etc. Nights like these are great chances for you to contribute your talents to the boys' development. 
  • Upon arrival we will be looking for adult volunteers so that we can divide and conquer all the things that are required for the weekend. Sample duties will be: 
    • Dinner Team 
    • Breakfast Team
    • Campfire Team 
    • Pack Games Team 
    • Clean up Team