Where to Buy a Uniform

(Note there is a downloadable version of this list at the bottom of this page)

If you’re buying a uniform for the first time, we highly recommend going to the Washington Crossing Council Scout Shop located at 1 Scout Way, Doylestown, PA 18901, PA. You can find their hours on their website at http://www.washingtoncrossingbsa.org/About/scout-shop. You’ll be able to try on the uniforms and they will have the correct council shoulder patches available. They’re also extremely helpful.

You can also buy a uniform online at http://www.scoutstuff.org/uniform-builder. You can choose your scout’s rank and customize from there. When I’ve looked at the uniform builder, they did not have an option for Washington Crossing shoulder patches.

We also have a uniform exchange box at every pack meeting where scouts can hand down the uniform bits they no longer need or have outgrown.

What You’ll Need

Please buy the following for your new Cub Scout:

Uniform pieces:

  • 1 cap (appropriate for rank*)
  • 1 neckerchief (appropriate for rank*)
  • 1 slider (appropriate for rank*) – This is the thing that holds your neckerchief on
  • 1 shirt (your choice of sleeve length)**
  • 1 belt and belt buckle (appropriate for rank*) – Note that buckles are changeable, so as your scout advances you can just buy a new buckle if the belt still fits.


  • Numbers “4” and “3” (for Pack 43)
  • Den Number (check with your den leader for your den number)
  • Washington Crossing Council shoulder patch (not available online), the older Central NJ patch is fine too.
  • Purple World Crest patch
  • 50 Year Veteran Bar Emblem (the scout shop won’t know you need this, so be sure to point it out. It also won’t show up in the uniform builder online)
Webelos Scouts (4th and 5th grades) only also need:

Pants & Socks: Uniform pants and socks are optional. Pack 43 scouts can wear their own pants and socks. Jeans are fine.

Rank Specifics

* Tiger (1st grade) = orange cap and neckerchief, tiger slider, blue belt with tiger buckle

Wolf (2nd grade) = yellow cap and neckerchief, wolf slider, blue belt with cub scout buckle

Bear (3rd grade) = light blue cap and neckerchief, bear slider, blue belt with cub scout buckle

Webelos (4th and 5th grade) = plaid cap and neckerchief, webelos slider, blue belt with webelos buckle (a green boy scout belt and buckle is also acceptable, but cub scout belt loop awards only fit on the blue belt.)

** Webelos Scouts: check with your Den Leader to find out if the Den wears the blue or tan shirt

We STRONGLY encourage you to write your last name on the cap (there’s a white label inside), neckerchief (middle of the longest side—the neckerchief will be wrapped along this side so it will not show), and slider (put a piece of masking tape on the back of the slider). We collect at least one of each of these at every pack meeting and it saves time if we can let you know directly instead of having to ask the entire Pack. Shirts and belts are harder to lose, but if you think your boy can do it you may want to put his last name on those as well.

Attached below for your reference are the formal uniform inspection guidelines issued by the Boy Scouts of America and sheets that show wear the patches go.  Please note that Pack 43 does not include Scout pants in our inspections.

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