Pack 43 2017-2018 Calendar Highlights

All pack meetings start at 7 p.m. and are held at Littlebrook Elementary School, 39 Magnolia Lane, Princeton, NJ 08540. 


May 27th: Princeton Memorial Day parade

June 13th: Pack meeting, skits

June 30th:             Backyard Marshmallow Roast at the Rubin's

June 26-30th:        Cub Scout Day Camp (Mercer County Park, registration)

July 10-14th:          Cub Scout Day Camp (Rosedale Park, registration)

July 15th:             Fishing with Cubmaster Bauser (ETS Pond)

August 4th:           Trenton Thunder scout sleepover (Trenton Thunder Stadium, Link)

September 12th: Pack meeting, signup, distribute flyers, popcorn info night

September 16th: Fall Cubarama (details TBD)

September 26th: Pack meeting, new scout roundup

October 14th: Fall campout (Washington Crossing State Park)

October 17th: Pack meeting

November 14th: Pack meeting (distribute Pinewood Derby kits)

November 18th: Webelos First Responder Program (Webelos only; Mercer Community College)

December 12th: Pack meeting (Dessert Night)


January 9th:         Pack meeting

January 20th: Pinewood Derby (Littlebrook Elementary School)

January 28th: MAD Pinewood Derby for Pack 43 winners (Quaker Bridge Mall)

Feb 3rd-4th: Winter camp-in

February 13th: Pack meeting (Cub Scout Carnival)

March 18th: Blue and Gold Dinner (Littlebrook Elementary School)

April 17th: Pack meeting

April 28th:             Mercer Area Cubarama (TBD: Rosedale Park, registration, information packet)

May 5th: Spring campout (TBD Round Valley Youth Center)

May 26th: Memorial Day Parade

June 12th: Pack meeting, skits

July 16-20th: Cub Scout Day Camp (Rosedale Park, registration)

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